Monday 21st may 2018

A guy whom I met three months and seven days back have started blogs here in WordPress.

Yep you got me correct I’m talking about the one who asked me to lend my self- phone to him cox his sim was not activated . Don’t be confused we are here gossiping about the same date 14th Feb 2018’s Valentine’s day

Whom I met again on 22nd Feb in birthamod.Had a wonderful time together having lunch and watched Nepali movie name panchebaja staring saughat mall but yeah as I have to travel by 4pm we couldn’t complete the movie.

He was disappointed because he was expecting me to stay with him on that following day which I didn’t felt like good idea so I moved on my destination.

He was sad aggressive and didn’t even wish me for my journey Later on I came to knew he was ready to wave me goodbye by gifting me recharge of 100rs credit which was quite funny. But the next morning 4:48am when his anger was out of head he had text me .

Reached home budi?




Never give a second chance to
Fucker i💩💩Otherwise he gonna
Fuck 💩💩you for life time
27Apr 2016

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And I promise won’t ever blog again in M

G even if I’m dead .In name of love u did enough now continue your blogging further I’m not gonna check in fact I will never login again .I hope you will be satisfied .Enjoy your blogging and continue your so called love fucker drama .Wish you luck that u get success in fucking. Told you that you are worse than a dog who he eats his vomited back .Can’t even imagine for getting love forcefully one can go these way too on social media omigod .I told him everything clearly but no he doesn’t want lol he want i get married but doesnt stop fucking bastered. Well carry on your blog ur love ur drama.My best wishes are always with you And if this is seriously so called love then I prefer to be alone for whole life .Thanks for ur so
called true love I’m extremely sorry for being fake credit eater postitute newspaper liar selfish BUT yes I never fucked my love publicly and give chance for people to mock on it .Extremely sorry for everything and I accept your each words and blame according to you it’s true keeping your true words in mind I’m never gonna commit same mistake in life especially by coming back to you .Have many things to say but you are not among the one to betrusted belive and depend And will never understand .I thought you understood enough befor so was telling to get married but No that was a big LOL No more further text from me I’m going out of contact no Facebook nothing

You did enough I don’t have that gut to control my happiness and thanks for the happiness
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see you don’t need to be mine friend and I also know it is impossible I can understand that but what is the solution???????????Nor u can leave nor I can trust you?I can’t trust you anymore and without trust Does love happened there .Can we behappy?You be poor or rich handsome or ugly I accept as you are and can be lived happily married life But without trust no love no love no happiness n what’s being in relationship even after knowing that all .Before it’s too late we should accept it.If this had happened after marriage then what would happen with life how would it be how would we lived and what would happen with family??See you trust me love me dream about me be frustrating because of me or just move ahead and get success and show me whatever you want to do or be you can .It’s your life not mine So do it and live as u like to. Stay frusted

for one girl or move But knowingly I’m not going to jump in this relationship Again..Soo I’m not going to be in relationship with you
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never make online relationship

Never make online relationship which can only give you pain and tear everydaymight be it’s a punishment for me for rejecting the people in real and choosing him.Now i feel everyday as a hell.Suffering from pain and living with tears.A care a love and feeling a true feelings Can never be real by force but how and when he gonna understand that he isn’t loving but it’s a harassment .

I CAN’T HIDE IT ANYMORE with my fake smile.
PEOPLE in real have started to notice that I’m in some kind of trouble and it makes me more frustrated when they ask why i look so duly and lost my weigh.
O mai poor mind have no solution other than Saying GOODBYE TO THIS WORLD

On Silent Black Men: What Have You Done For Us Lately?

This is what I call inspiration I’m inspired by you .Source of encouragement

I grew up knowing —not believing— Grandma Nan could do anything. She could stoically kill a snake in her yard with an ax and resume tending to her collards in the garden — wearing a chiffon floral house dress. She’d tell my grandfather about it later, probably as they chatted over her homemade veggie soup and Mountain Dew. Sure, Grandma needed Grandfather Walter, but only because she wanted to. He built her house and later on, the garage. He drove the trash to the landfills on trash day (we’re country folks) and fixed every leak. Still, Grandma Nan was The Queen. As were the other women in my family.

My Grandma Nan My Grandma Nan

Men existed in their worlds but didn’t make them go ’round and I felt the strength of women all around me. After all, being strong is the one thing the world will tip their hats off to black women for — sometimes…

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Handle with Care

developing dad

I sometimes take a picture of you because you’re just so adorable and amazing and beautiful. And sometimes I catch a hint of fragility in what the camera catches. Other times I see huge heaping mounds of it. Giant reserves of delicate. Like you’re a crystal chandelier in the shape of my beautiful boy. And then, in my minds eye, I see all the thousand ways you’ll be disappointed by the realities of life you can’t even fathom at this point. Sculpted from this thing of beauty into another thing of beauty to be sure. But still, that journey is treacherous and full of potential. Potential harm. Potential fortune. Potential damage and grace.

Maybe it’s you. Maybe I’m not just a proud dad that’s just insanely obsessed with my kids. Maybe your specialness, your perfectness is not a function of my pride. Perhaps you are magical and I’m afraid of…

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