What’s going in #nepal ???  Earthquake and It’s uncountable
after shock At the same time weather changing in a blink
of eyes.A very hot day changing into big storm. and some
part of Nepal flooding because  of it.
please forgive us our sin & give us
a chance to live a life God.
Storm thundering lighting and raining at such situation usually  people
gets inside home and feel self safe protected but situation here is
different.People are scared to enter inside home . It’s very painful to see
people standing outside home trying to keep  self safe from
rain and quake One can see fear in their eyes.
Nepal government is getting huge criticism than  before &
now another problem is raised  the exam of
intermediate.By now examination would  finished but because of quake
they postpone And from  coming 20 jestha they will held examination .But
student aren’t  agree with this decision.What can be the
Students are up with rally to raise voice against ministry of Nepal government
but at the same time
HSEB do have their own academic schedule which they
have to finish in a year & take exams while if just a year is
affected can hamper the other calander of other

And there are also students who agree for the decision of government and Says ‘
.Except the most effective 4-5 district HSEB
should take the exams & create a better environment!
HSEB should do is conduct exams in
such buildings where there are no cracks or problem
which students might fear mentally!
some says if student should go and appear their examinations. Its
already a long leave and if anyone says the preparation
time is so little then they should be expelled.
But Question Here is


What can government do for students in such conditions ?

After shock haven’t left us and other part of Nepal is
effect by flood.Devastating natural disasters continuously taking huge number of life’s from different place of Nepal
People around the world are praying for us #prayfornepal
we are very thankful to all helping hand .We can see many songs too which is uploaded for us .Hence
Sometime we should check such awesome music vdo too
because they have done it for us.Do check it.
let us all join together for a tribute and for a better way
come let’s pray.Come together lets United and pray .Let
us #prayfornepal