Photo by @petekmuller/@prime_collective for @natgeo. Over the last week, I've shared two photos of #hunters in northeastern DR #Congo dressed in traditional hunting masks and vests. While the craftsmanship and purpose of the attire was fascinating and visually captivating, I noticed recurring comments about the frightening and/or "exotic" nature of the outfits. Concerned by the understandable aversion that some had to the masked portraits, I wanted to share an image of the same hunters without their dramatic attire. Here, they stand for a portrait wearing their designated hunting clothes, which are tattered on account of extensive hunting among the thorns. Once they return to their homes, they put on different clothes. I had a fascinating experience with these kind and very capable guys. Their ability to navigate and survive in the woods was humbling and reminded me of how ineffectual urban life has made me. #Congo #DRC #hunting #Africa

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