see you don’t need to be mine friend and I also know it is impossible I can understand that but what is the solution???????????Nor u can leave nor I can trust you?I can’t trust you anymore n without trust Does love happened there .Can we behappy?You be poor or rich handsome or ugly I accept as u are and can be lived happily married life But without trust no love no love no happiness n wats being in relationship even after knowing that all .Before it’s too late we should accept it.If this had happened after marriage thn wat would happen with life how would it b how would we lived n wat would happen with family??See you trust me love me dream about me be frustrating bcox of me or just move ahead n get success n show me whatever you want to do or be you can .It’s your life not mine So do it n live as u like to. Stay frusted

for one girl or move But knowingly I’m not going to jump in this relationship Again..Soo I’m not going to be in relationship with you

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