And I promise won’t ever blog again in M

G even if I’m dead .In name of love u did enough now continue your blogging further I’m not gonna check in fact I will never login again .I hope you will be satisfied .Enjoy your blogging and continue your so called love fucker drama .Wish you luck that u get success in fucking. Told you that you are worse than a dog who he eats his vomited back .Can’t even imagine for getting love forcefully one can go these way too on social media omigod .I told him everything clearly but no he doesn’t want lol he want i get married but doesnt stop fucking bastered. Well carry on your blog ur love ur drama.My best wishes are always with you And if this is seriously so called love then I prefer to be alone for whole life .Thanks for ur so
called true love I’m extremely sorry for being fake credit eater postitute newspaper liar selfish BUT yes I never fucked my love publicly and give chance for people to mock on it .Extremely sorry for everything and I accept your each words and blame according to you it’s true keeping your true words in mind I’m never gonna commit same mistake in life especially by coming back to you .Have many things to say but you are not among the one to betrusted belive and depend And will never understand .I thought you understood enough befor so was telling to get married but No that was a big LOL No more further text from me I’m going out of contact no Facebook nothing

You did enough I don’t have that gut to control my happiness and thanks for the happiness
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