The greatest fear of human beings is fear of death

NEPAL   KATHMANDU Saturday morning 26April as usual i was alone at home.Playing games ,using different social sites like other normal days.My sibling where already out for their work so i had my lunch alone.And was sitting for my chapter but unkownly i slept .Something shake my bed and i rush to door like drunk man.I don’t know time exactly might be it was around 11:45 am And it was earthquake OMigod .I was standing at door with fear after few second it stop so i rushed outside.All were there somewhere with their small kids.Some elderly people and teenagers too were there.
    we all gathered there talking about that earthquake there i knew it was 7.9 magnitude earthquake .Within few minute we again got earthquakes and it continue till Tuesday morning 5am. With this fear of earthquake from Saturday night to Tuesday night (today 28April) people are trying to survive .Everyone staying day and night on road under open sky .No food to eat no water to drink no place to sit with peaceful heart. Uncountable people (because number of death people are increasing everyday) And thousands of people are injured .Many villages are damaged .Many people are not getting rescue. All want to live So TIll today’s date all are struggling in open sky #Nepal my experience 🙂


this dog was also with us and you can also see this area it’s too dirty dumping site but still i spent my time from 11:45am to 4pm


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